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An overview of how we've handled fashion, makeup, earrings, and other aspects of life with daughters, including what went as expected and what I would do differently based on experience.
June 4, 2022
An overview of how our family's cooking and recipes, our snacks and desserts, have changed as we experiment, adapt for food or additive intolerances, and learn what we enjoy most.
June 1, 2022
A little background on the process of negotiating the food culture in our house over time, based on what my husband and I brought from our families of origin, what seemed worth the money or not, what ...
June 1, 2022
Overview of what happens during the cycle, what to expect in terms of energy, appetite, and mood, and how to help it go smoothly.
May 12, 2022
A quick overview of immune boosting tips and supplements we use to avoid getting sick and stop illness quickly: Affection, hydration, low sugar, fruits and vegetables; cooking herbs like garlic, basil...
May 12, 2022
A quick overview of how restrictive dieting, pressure we put on ourselves, and sleep loss contribute to raising cortisol and inhibiting weight loss for women, particularly after pregnancy during the a...
April 25, 2022
Rip currents, pool and lake risks including sudden fatigue and hypothermia; how to spot weird people and situation, and listen to your gut, with examples of each. A live class recording of our Middle ...
April 16, 2022
Travel, anemia, stress, sleep loss, irregular eating and the Dorm Effect
March 12, 2022
A quick take on assessing your body type and how your muscle mass and weight distribution can offer clues about hormones and your cycle.
March 12, 2022
If you're having irregular cycles, a first step is determining how much you eat in a day versus how much you use. A woman's body often shuts down her cycle if it perceives there are not enough resourc...
March 5, 2022

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