College Girls Health Talk

An overview of key habits for great health in college, based on several talks given to college girls over the last several years. 

Bone Mass

- Developing Bone Mass during this ideal window, through exercise and nutrition

- What's in Bone? Collagen, protein, vitamins

- Why Sleep affects weight, bone growth

Brain Development and how to develop strong relationships

- managing distractions from tech and our own preconceptions

- making eye contact, dealing with feelings honestly

Drinking, and Smoking, and other Drugs

- Smoking dampens feelings and covers indecision and social awkwardness

- Drinking adds a layer of unreality to relationships, and you should question any relationship that involves regular use of alcohol

- Drinking has different biological effects in different people, fatigue, euphoria, adrenaline

- Addiction is more likely with existing depression. What is your habit doing for you? What is it covering?

- Smoking and Drinking lead to nutrient deficiencies, both because of the requirements for their metabolism, and the decrease in food intake that often occurs


- Sleep loss leads to poor memory, depression, anxiety, poor food choices, and a generally less enjoyable time

- Morning sunlight helps you start your day and fall asleep

- Daytime sunlight can help with Vitamin D

- Exercise at least 2 hours before bed, use white noise, darken the room

- At some point you just have to say no to whatever is happening lat at night

- Nap before late events like dances, go to bed early when you can

Immune System

- Vitamins, sleep, hydration, stress management, and sugar intake all have a large impact on your immune system

College Students and Diet Fads

- Any loss in calories can affect your cycle, sleep, mood

- Small changes in body fat can lead to large changes in mood and the consistency of your menstrual cycle. If you're not modeling, who cares about the extra 2 pounds?

Menstrual Cycle

- Basic overview of the process and common variations and problems

- At least 20% of girls test as anemic, and that's likely an underestimate

- Exercise the week before your period, consider resting during your period, you may need to snack more as your period ends and you're replacing blood loss

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